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Elizabeth Labadie (denDekker)
2012-08-06 12:23:29
30 years a long time, alot of changes in all our lives. Mine...I'm married going on 28 years now, two children and two grandchildren. Have been a member of an online help site for about 2 years now.  My guy is retiring from highway driving in 4 months and we are then going to travel for leisure. Sorry I couldnt attend the reunion but I know all the folks attending will have a good time.. Have a drink, smile, or dance for me folks and I wish you all the best .    Take care everyone.      Beth Send Elizabeth a MessageSend Elizabeth a Message
George Vanderberg
Lethbridge 2012-08-06 12:23:28
Just to let you know I am still alive!  The day after graduation I left Calgary so I have only had limited contact with my fellow classmates.

I have been married to my wife Christine for 26 years and we have 4 children ranging in age from 18 to 24.

I am now a journeyman electrican but have also tried my hand at farming and plumbing.

I will not be attending the reunion but wish you all the best.
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Lori Allen (Bazin)
2012-08-06 12:22:11
Well, we had a lot of fun in 2007 at our 30 year reunion and I trust this gathering on June 11 will prove to be a blast as well.
Looking forward to it...
Take care, all :)
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Ron Perrault
2012-08-06 12:23:14
I enjoyed seeing everyone at the 10 & 20 yr and was really looking forward to this one.  I will be in Sin City until midnight Jun 2 so I will be unalble to attend.  I have 3 kids ( 26, 20 16 ) and 2 grandsons ( 3 yr and 3 months ).  Been working at IBM for the past 22 yrs and think I am finally catching on.  Hope everyone is well and we'll chat in another 10 yrs or so. Send Ron a MessageSend Ron a Message
Bernice Campbell (Merrick) 2012-08-06 12:23:14

Hi Everyone
Well its May 2011 and so much has happened in the last while.  My husband Ian became very sick and he passed away July 5, 2010.  Its been difficult but I am coping with my new life.  I am still in Killarney and working still in the Curling community.  I have 3 dogs, 1 Bird and 2 companies which now keep me very busy.  Not sure If I will be able to join the Fun of the upcoming reunion but I hope you all have a wonderful time.

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Barry Coveney
2012-08-06 12:23:14

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Charlene Rayner (Gilmour)
Edmonton 2012-08-06 12:15:35
Wow, 30 years already .... where has the time gone?
I am married and have two boys, Tim (25) and Jamie (23).  I am very busy taking care of our youngest son, volunteering with the Special Olympics (coach and board member for the last 15 years) and the LoSeCa Foundation.  My husband Jim, is in the military (Aviation Technician). 
We will be unable to attend the reunion as our son has a specialist appointment on the 1st. 
Look forward to hearing from anyone.
Enjoy the reunion.
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Sue Christopher (Levang)
2012-08-06 12:15:35
Awesome to be able to connect with the past and see how everyone's fared over the years. Sorry I can't be at the reunion, but would love to hear from someone in the meantime. Have a great time in June! Send Sue a MessageSend Sue a Message
Elizabeth Schleppe (Ellis)
2012-08-06 12:15:35
Looking forward to seeing you all at the Friday night mixer! Send Elizabeth a MessageSend Elizabeth a Message
Richard Furgeson
Lethbridge 2012-08-06 12:23:09
Greetings All.  30 years, Wow. Hope you all enjoy the reunion, I will not be attending.  Have a drink for me. Live long and prosper.  Cheers. Send Richard a MessageSend Richard a Message
Joyce TeBrake (Thiessen)
2012-08-06 12:24:09
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Alexis Haliburton
2012-08-06 12:22:54
Looking forward to the reunion to confirm for myself that the teens that are currently driving me crazy will one day turn into decent people I want to spend time with (like all of you former teens). Of course a good excuse to party is always welcome also. Send Alexis a MessageSend Alexis a Message
Margo Best (Danforth)
2017-02-26 16:21:53
Hi there -  I have been married for 37 years to Tim.  WOW how time flies!   I have 2 children (Lindsay 32 and Kevin 28 years old).   And I now have 2 amazing granddaughters (Ashtynn 8 and Ryenn 4).  I have worked in the oil industry for about 36 years and survived this latest crazy economy!  I now also have a home based business that I love doing - so this will be my retirement gig....  Hopefully that won't be too far away!  Tim has been retired for almost 2 years so we really look forward to the day that I can retire as well.  

I am so excited to see everyone at the reunion (June 3/17).   It should be a great time so hopefully we can get a lot of the "old" classmates out!   Can you believe this is our 40th VBHS Reunion!!!!   
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Sharon Stoker (Harris)
Profile picture
2018-03-24 14:13:47
looking forward to June 11th...should be a great pary. Send Sharon a MessageSend Sharon a Message
Chris Grabowecky
2012-08-06 12:24:25
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